We all know security is important in business, however it is often put on the “to do” list until something becomes a problem.  Loss of confidentiality can lead to legal and compliance issues, which ultimately affects your customers and your reputation.

Some items to check are:

Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems
Your virtual “security guards” protecting your network from unauthorised electronic access and warning against attempted suspicious activity – as essential as locking the doors at night.  Firewalls improperly configured are one of the biggest security flaws facing small to medium sized businesses.

Protect all levels of your network (gateway, server, clients) against known and unknown threats.

Spyware is spreading at an epidemic rate with an estimated over 90% of computers connected to the Internet being infected.

Spam Filtering
Spam accounts for around 85% of all e-mail traffic.  Spam ties up your servers and spreads viruses, worms, distributes spyware and phishing attacks, as well as leading unsuspecting users to malicious websites where further dangers await.

Web and Instant Messaging Filtering
Allows you to monitor, filter and document 100% of the web and instant messaging sessions on your network.  Protect your network and employees from unsuitable content/conversations, spyware, adware and other malware.

A robust look at your security, hardware, software and settings could save you time and money – make sure the only ones looking at you are those authorised to do so.

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