Hard Disk Crashed? or Computer ‘Died’?

All devices have a limited lifespan, so it is important to back up all data regularly so you don’t have a catastrophic loss!  Backing up can be done in a variety of ways:

Local – for a home user, save your data onto a USB memory stick or external hard drive.  Remember to save your software keys so you can recover the software online.

Offline – data can be backed up and stored at a secure remote site, similar to offsite paper management services

Online –  Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud or Google Drive so you can also access files from any device.  If a business, using Shadow Protect with an online monitoring service is very secure and effective, enabling you to access your servers as “virtual” servers in the event of an incident.

Haven’t backed up for a while? Don’t despair – data can often be recovered if you turn off your device and bring it in to a professional quickly.

Canterbury Computers offers a diagnostic service for a small fee, and can then offer options on the best way forward. 

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