IT Consultancy

With over thirty years, hands on experience managing mutli-site computing environments we have both the experience and knowledge to assist you in making informed IT business decisions.

All organisations must have a robust IT strategy, and know how they expect that strategy to develop. In practice, however, this is one of the most complicated decisions an organisation will face.

We can help you navigate thought the myriad of options available, making sure you retain complete control of your infrastructure by choosing the strategy that is right for your organisation.


All our advice is completely impartial, and our consultancy solutions are designed to guarantee a true return on investment – improving efficiency and profitability, without being expensive or time-consuming.

Strategic Planning

With the experience gained from effectivly managing 24×7 multi-site manufacturing operations we understand the internal and external demands placed upon the IT function of modern businesses.

We can work with you to advice on strategic planning to ensure the IT function can cope with future demands of the business either in-house or through out-sourcing.

Project Management

With experience of IT infrastructure upgrades, server upgrades and application software implimentation projects we are able to manage projects from conception to implimerntation and beyond.

Where we do not have the skills available either in house or through one of our partners we can advise you as to who is best suited to partner with you.

Managed Services (Outsourcing)

We can manage your IT services and network, so you can manage your business.

Business Continuity Planning

How will your business cope in the event of business interruption. Do you have a plan of action to get systems up and running quickly?

Software Selection

We can assist either your staff in selecting the most appropriate software for the task or evaluate a number of applications on the market to aide your decision making process.

Database Report Writing

With experience creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports we can be an extension of your internal IT department.