Keeping your data backed up and free from viruses/malware is a critical part of operating a business. 

Unfortunately, with time pressures and other commitments we have noticed:

  • Most small businesses don’t check backup success on a regular basis
  • Many small businesses don’t update their virus software regularly, allowing viruses/malware/Trojans to creep into their system and wreak havoc

Our Daily Server Safety Check verifies the condition of both backups and antivirus software to ensure you are being protected.

The Daily Server Safety Check is performed automatically every morning, so there’s no effort required by you.  You receive a small email report either daily or weekly to advise what actions have been taken.  This service includes a “Take Control” option so we can support you remotely and give you help desk advice.

Want to see how it works?  Try our free 30 day “Try Before You Buy”.  If you decide not to continue, we won’t charge you a cent – risk-free and easy!
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