The Daily Server Safety Check

Most small businesses’ IT infrastructure comprises an ‘on-premise’ Windows server and several workstations connected to the server.

Two of the most crucial server components are:

» Backup – It is incredibly important that business data is protected, but MOST small businesses don’t check backup success on a regular basis.

» Antivirus/Malware – This software also provides a vital element of protection for the small business. This software is usually installed on the server where software updates are downloaded and distributed to each workstation. Most small businesses aren’t checking status of these updates and consequently are open to virus/malware/Trojans causing havoc throughout their network.


How the Daily Server Safety Check works

» The Daily Server Safety Check is performed automatically, every morning, so there’s no effort required by you.

» It delivers a small email report to you showing that the service has been performed and the result. The report can be delivered daily or weekly at your option.

This service includes ‘Take Control’ our remote support tool, access to our help desk for logging issues, Anti-Virus software and Patch Management.


  • ‘Peace of mind’. Your business information is protected against media failure and malware.
  • It’s automatic. You receive evidence every morning to show that the Daily Server Safety Check service has checked your systems.
  • It’s easy – We make it even easier for you with our free 30 day ‘Try Before You Buy’. If you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you a penny so you won’t be out of pocket. Risk-free and easy!

Click Here to arrange your free 30 day ‘Try Before You Buy’ trial.


Can we login ourselves to check the status of our devices?

Yes, we can give you a login so you can easily check status of your IT equipment through our website. (This feature is called the Client Dashboard and is provided at additional charge).

Can you run me through what would happen if there is a problem on the server/ network?

We’ll monitor it daily and if it doesn’t work as it should, we’ll show you on the Daily Report. You can call us to fix it. We’ll bill you for the extra work at an agreed hourly rate. Or you can fix it yourself.

Does the fixed monthly cost cover any extra work?

No, this low monthly bill covers the monitoring of; sever health and performance; network speed and connectivity; disk space availability/ consumption; web page availability; file and folder sizes are within expectations; and vital Windows Services are working. If there is remedial action required, we’ll ask you, and if you want the work completed, we’ll bill in arrears at an agreed hourly rate.