What Are Your Employees Up To?

Computers are essential in business and many of your employees will be online for much of their working day.  Studies have shown that using business computers for personal use is common; not only is this costing your business money through loss of productivity, it could be opening up confidential data to online attacks, or even leaving you vulnerable to criminal charges through access of illegal sites.  Here are some steps you can take:

Internet Policy

Make sure you have a current, up to date and robust internet and email policy, which clearly communicates your expectations on personal internet use.  Use examples to show why this is needed and broadly restrict certain types of usage without making your employees feel they are totally forbidden.  Emphasise trust and good faith, taking personal responsibility at work.

Address Issues Individually

If you believe a certain employee seems to be taking advantage of their online access, talk to them individually about the policy, rather than issuing broad staff directives.  Most staff are likely to be following the policy, and a one on one talk can achieve compliance without offending your more responsible workers.

Monitoring Software

If you prefer to know more about what your employees are doing, there are many options.  You can track content, keystrokes and time spent at the keyboard; review files; and/or monitor what is being said about the company on blogs and social media.  Sometimes simply telling employees that you monitor online activities is enough, but again make it clear what your Internet Policy is – allowing a small amount of legitimate personal use can make for a happier workplace.

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