Let your children begin a great adventure full of excitement and creativity with the most innovative tablet from Genius – Kids Designer II. It’s a fun and fresh idea for kids from the ages of 3 – 8. With Kids Designer II, they can paint, draw, write, use it as a mouse or even play a game.
It’s the golden time for kids between 3 – 8 years to start developing their right brain. This is when children learn by looking at images, and using Kids Designer II, they can learn and train their ability in daily life. It can also inspire their creation and response, balance right and left brains.
The specially developed game software helps inspire kids to accelerate their learning skills in colors, shape, math, thinking, etc. Now children can express what they think and create their imagination using the included game software. A series of fun games are also made for pure enjoyment and excitement.
Kids Designer II tablet is easy to use and install. It comes in an eye-catching design and makes a great gift and learning tool for your children. Children can use the cordless pen freely and store it in the adjustable pen stand. Contact your local salesperson for more details how you can pick this up for your child.

Interface USB
OS Support Windows 7/Vista/XP
Active area 5″x8″
Resolution(LPI) 2560 LPI
Report Rates (RPS) 125
Pen stand YES

System Requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP
Available USB port
CD/DVD-ROM drive
Package Contents
Kids Designer II tablet
Cordless pen
CD includes: Kids Designer II game software (15 games)
Multi-language quick guide