Have a Fraud Free Christmas !

There is a lot in the news about identity theft and on-line fraud caused by folks credit cards being stolen and ‘misused’.

Beware, just because you are using a secure site, does not mean you are safe!

The vast majority of credit card details being stolen on-line, are not from the site, but via malware on YOUR PC.

So help yourself by:

  • Installing an Internet Security product that protects against anti-virus software and anti-spyware. They are NOT the same.
  • NEVER, ever follow links in e-mails. Always type the web site address yourself. If you want a product from say Microsoft the go to and get it, don’t just click on a link on Google, read the website address and if it does not appear to match what you are looking for then ignore it.
  • NEVER open e-mail attachments you are not sure of, even if it appears to be from a friend, bank or especially delivery parcel companies.
    If they are real, the information will be in the text and not an attachment. It is too easy to fake a sender
  • Don’t visit websites you are unsure of. Never install or run programmes from site you are not 100% confident are legit.
    Don’t run programs just because a website tells you that you need to.

These simple steps will to help keep your credit card details safe this Christmas.