Managed Workstations

Problems with workstations have an impact on productivity, so when there are issues with lots of them, they result in a productivity sapping loss of time for multiple users and have a knock on effect across the organisation – and that’s bad for business.

We make it even easier for you with our free 30 day – ‘Try Before You Buy’. If you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you a penny so you won’t be out of pocket. Risk-free and easy!

Workstation Monitoring

With the Workstation Monitoring service you can spot periodic workstation problems and fix them fast, ensure optimum availability for all users and keeping the business ticking along smoothly.

Event Logs Checks Windows Event Logs for specific errors, strings, etc.
Physical Disk Health To alert you to failing disks
Drive Space Change Checks for a change in disk space which can indicate an underlying problem.
SNMP Check / RAID Array Receive warnings if your raid arrays are failing or degraded
Assets Check Asset and Inventory checking
Windows Service Check Check on services that are on autostart
Anti-virus Update Checks To ensure the latest definition files are being used.
Hacker Check Determine the number of unauthorized logins to the server that have been attempted. Is a measure of the level of threat the system is under.


Workstation Maintenance

Since your working day is dependent upon your PC, it’s essential that it is ready to use at any time. We can keep your workstations up to date with:

  • Software and OS patch management.
  • Remote access support to provide support for all your users without additional staff and travel expenses.
  • Anti-virus and malware protection. For an extra $5 per month.
  • Inventory and Asset management.

Workstation Support

Using our help desk software we can help you manage your IT support issues and track help desk tickets through the system.

This service includes ‘Take Control’ our remote support tool, access to our help desk for logging issues, Anti-Virus software and Patch Management.


  • ‘Peace of mind’. Your workstations are being monitored and depending on the service level provided (monitoring only, Proactive Maintenance or Workstation support) downtime will be reduced, performance enhanced and potential risks highlighted.
  • It’s automatic. You receive evidence every morning to show that the Managed Workstation.
  • It’s proactive. By spotting issues early you are able to help prevent major issues later. For example a workstation might flag ‘out of date’ software, which could cause issues.
  • It’s great value. At just 50 cents a day you can have peace of mind that when there are any issues you will find out about them quickly before they develop into problems
  • It’s easy – We make it even easier for you with our free 30 day ‘Try Before You Buy’. If you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you a penny so you won’t be out of pocket.Risk-free and easy!



Can we login ourselves to check the status of our devices?

Yes, we can give you a login so you can easily check status of your IT equipment through our website. (This feature is called the Client Dashboard and is provided at additional charge).

Can you run me through what would happen if there is a problem on the server/ network?

We’ll monitor it daily and if it doesn’t work as it should, we’ll show you on the Daily Report.
You can then call us to fix it. We’ll bill you for the extra work at an agreed hourly rate. Or you can fix it yourself.

Does the fixed monthly cost cover any extra work?

No, this low monthly bill covers the monitoring of; sever health and performance; network speed and connectivity; disk space availability/ consumption; web page availability; file and folder sizes are within expectations; and vital Windows Services are working.
If there is remedial action required, we’ll ask you, and if you want the work completed, we’ll bill at an agreed hourly rate.