Computer failure, human error, software corruption, viruses and natural disasters can all create chaos for a business, resulting in lost productivity and major financial costs.  It is essential to plan for this risk so you can recover quickly with minimal data loss.

We recommend Shadow Protect to our clients

Use Shadow Protect in these scenarios

  • Performing bare metal recovery after a server fails or a hypervisor succumbs to malware
  • Restoring to the same hardware after a system error causes a server crash
  • Restoring to the same hypervisor after the hypervisor or server crashes
  • Migrating to new hardware or virtual environment
  • Taking continual incremental backups so the business never risks losing more than a few minutes of data
  • Restoring whole data volumes
  • Recovering specific files and folders
  • Managing a backup and disaster recovery solution within a mixed IT environment
  • Testing new applications prior to introducing them into your production environment
  • Testing your business’s disaster recovery plan
  • Backing up to the cloud with Cloud Services to ensure in the event of a disaster your server / data is still available

Network or system failure cost you money and time – talk to us today about protecting your business effectively. 

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