Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring

Real Time Server & Network Monitoring enables small business networks to operate efficiently. Key IT components, including servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections need to be working well. In the event of a malfunction these systems need fixed quickly if the business is to avoid negative impacts. Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring builds upon the Daily Server Health Check  and is our highest level of systems monitoring.

To achieve fast fixes, it’s important to be notified quickly about any issues – and to get accurate and detailed information about the nature of the problem. Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring delivers this information so problems are fixed quickly and effectively.

Use Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring to watch over the most important aspects of your IT systems around the clock:


Bandwidth Monitoring Monitor Bandwidth usage on switches, firewalls and any network interface.
Disk Space Get alerted when system partitions and disk usage is reaching capacity.
Event Log Query Event Logs and get alerted to events from bespoke applications.
File Size User areas, departmental shares, MS SQL Server database, log files and more.
Performance Monitoring Monitor processor queue length, processor utilization, memory usage, network interface and physical disk subsystem for performance bottlenecks.
Ping Get advance warning of connectivity problems on remote computers/ offices.
SNMP Monitor the health of the server (such as temperature, power supply status) and query any other SNMP enabled device.
TCP Services Ensure network services such as SMTP and FTP are running and unsecure network services such as telnet are not.
Web Page Ensure customer websites and internet applications are available.
Windows Services Ensure all essential services such as Netlogon, print spooler, databases and many more are up and running.



How Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring works

» Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring is performed automatically, every morning, so there’s no effort required by you.

» It delivers a small email report to you showing that the service has been performed and the result. The report can be delivered daily or weekly at your option.


  • Faster, more accurate fixes. The cause of the problem is known almost instantly so they can be fixed faster, avoiding hours of frustrating investigation.
  • Optimised Systems. Because even the smallest issues are being highlighted systems will be attended to with greater care making them optimised for the task they’re being asked to do.
  • Low-priced – The cost of this service is about 1 dollar per day – a small fraction of the money they can save by having a well-running, optimised network.
  • Excellent Payback. Consider the cost of even one hour’s downtime to your business. $29.95 a month is a fraction of that.
  • It’s easy – We make it even easier for you with our free 30 day ‘Try Before You Buy’. If you decide not to go ahead, we won’t charge you a penny so you won’t be out of pocket. Risk-free and easy!



Can we login ourselves to check the status of our devices?

Yes, we can give you a login so you can easily check status of your IT equipment through our website. (This feature is called the Client Dashboard and is provided at additional charge).

Can you run me through what would happen if there is a problem on the server/ network?

We’ll monitor it daily and if it doesn’t work as it should, we’ll show you on the Daily Report. You can call us to fix it. We’ll bill you for the extra work at an agreed hourly rate. Or you can fix it yourself.

Does the fixed monthly cost cover any extra work?

No, this low monthly bill covers the monitoring of; sever health and performance; network speed and connectivity; disk space availability/ consumption; web page availability; file and folder sizes are within expectations; and vital Windows Services are working. If there is remedial action required, we’ll ask you, and if you want the work completed, we’ll bill in arrears at an agreed hourly rate.