2page-img1Does your computer regularly crash, is it slow and unreliable?

Our service can give it a fresh lease on life.

We will troubleshoot your computer to find out what is going wrong and then perform any necessary fixes required.

If you require this service, any ‘Fault Diagnostic’ fee already paid with regard to the computer issue will be refunded.

We will:
Finding the cause of any crashes, lock-ups, unusual slowness or other issues
If required, remove viruses or spyware
If required, repair or re-install your operating system and applications
Delete unnecessary programs to speed things up
If required, install hardware or software such as Internet Security software or a Printer

If required, restore your desktop and quick launch icons

Please note:
This service does not include any hardware or software that may be required; furthermore please be advised that old hardware & software may not be compatible with your new system.

** All Software must be genuine and Licensed with CD Key supplied **