Data can be lost in many different ways, the most typical are:

Accidental Deletion, Erasure or Format.
Operating System Failure or Software Crash.
Virus or Spyware Infection.
Malicious or Intentional Deletion, Erasure, or Format.
Physical Hard Drive Failure or Crash.
Catastrophic Hardware Failure.

Data Recovery | Hard Drive Crash Recovery:
Complete Data Recovery or file recovery after a system crash, hard drive crash, accidental deletion or format is not always possible but in the majority of cases there is a very good chance to recover most if not all of your data from formatted or deleted drives, disks and storage devices if you act quickly.

Data Redundancy | Data Backup:
In the future do not take chances with your valuable data. We will gladly create a back-up copy of your important data onto an external hard drive, a different computer, a flash storage device, or a CD or DVD to provide an extra level of security for your irreplaceable personal information.

Data Transfer Services:
If you are planning to upgrade or have recently purchased a new system there are more than likely files, pictures, music, movies, documents still residing on your old computer that you would like to either backup or transfer onto your new system.

We value your important data – Your data is always handled discretely, securely and with the utmost care.

Data revovery can be a long and complicated process with no Guaranteed of success. For this reason please note that this service is NOT covered by our no fix, no fee. Guaranteed .

Please note:

This service is only available in-house.

This service does not include any hardware or software that may be required; furthermore please be advised that old hardware & software may not be compatible with your new system.

** All Software must be genuine and Licensed with CD Key supplied **