2page-img1Optimize your computer’s performance with regular maintenance. If you’ve noticed longer start up & slower processing capabilities, it’s time for a tune-up!

Our service consists of:

System Evaluation: We will determine if your system would benefit from an increase in system memory or if it needs more hard drive space to help speed things up. Or maybe you need a new processor or Motherboard or a faster CD/DVD.

Check: Windows: update status and update if required

Check: firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and update definition files.

Check: and reset Internet security settings

Check: Windows Event Logs for abnormal activity

Backup: Windows Registry

Increase Startup Speed: Our technicians will remove any unnecessary applications from your start up sequence, thereby boosting performance.

Removal of Unused Applications: By removing unused software applications more resources are freed up resulting in increased system performance.

Scan Registry for Unused Keys: Removing unused registry keys reduces the size of the registry which results in a dramatic system performance increase.

Check Hard Disk: Check hard disk drive(s) for errors, free space, and damage to files and folders.

Defragment System Drive: Defragmenting the system hard drive increases the speed at which the Operating System accesses data on the hard drive which in turn increases overall system speed.

BIOS & Operating System Settings: In addition our technicians will optimize your BIOS setting and Operating System configurations and settings for optimal speed..

If necessary we will provide advice on what security and privacy software may be needed to keep your computer protected.